do i look like 1..seriously.. tt got to be a jOKE…

well.. 1 of my colllegues in camp say tt i look like a gangster [bOOOOoooo]

apparently, he saw me walking out of camp to the bustop tt day.. i was in a lousy mood… well..dun probe! so as usual, i put on my headphones..on it really loud..n walk out, with my hand on my sling bag… just keeping quiet.. looking gruMP.. but does tt mean i’m a gangster..? well.. tt’s up to u guys to thinK..hha!!!

hmm..i just remember.. i rememeber ttt 1 of my tpjc friends say tt once too.. meiyi say tt i look damm scary when i’m serious…
maybe tt’s my gangster look! hmm…:P

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