coutrnesy from the 2 above links..i present this:!

Port banningPosted by: gamr (IP Logged)Date: October 26, 2004 07:12AM
As of Friday I will enable banning on ports that are commonly associated with p2p clients to try to stop the barrage of ISP’s that are throttling these ports from doing so and slowing down our downloads.
The error you will get is “rejected by tracker – Port xxxx is blacklisted due to client yyyy”
The blocked ports list will include, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:
Direct Connect 411 – 413 Kazaa 1214 eDonkey 4662 Gnutella 6346 – 6347 BitTorrent 6881 – 7000
In order to use use our tracker you must configure your client to use any port range that does not contain those ports (a range within the region 1024 through 65535 with a randomizer is good). The size of the range you choose should take this into account (typically less than 10 ports wide. There is no benefit whatsoever in choosing a wide range, and there are possible security implications). These ports are used for connections between peers, not client to tracker. Therefore this change will not interfere with your ability to use other trackers (in fact it should increase your speed with torrents from any tracker, not just ours). Your client will also still be able to connect to peers that are using the standard ports. If your client does not allow custom ports to be used, you will have to switch to one that does.
Do not ask us, or in the forums, which ports you should choose. The more random the choice is the harder it will be for ISPs to catch on to us and start limiting speeds on the ports we use. If we simply define another range ISPs will start throttling that range also.
I will update the list of banned ports as i change them but at this stage they are what is planned. If anyone knows of more P2P clients that use standard ports, please report them so I can add them. Again, this is for your long term benefit.
[] for anyone wanting to read shadow’s take on it all.


SHOCKING! is the end of the bt world? not…
iSPs r so stupid.. we can alwasy go throught e other end..

remember in the past where we are no allow to enter restricted sites if we r in china?
or we cannot go to games sites on sch servers or workplace?

well..we bypass that by http tunneling!..
so we will do tt again!

since the block to some sites will not exsist if we dun go there with ur ip..
by means. we go to a neetural site.. then access the resticted sites from there..

so.. bt blockage is a piece of cakE!

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