i am feeling so sianz and so the 1@#^!@#_! now..
that’s because they say that they will be an open moB.. but hey..
us guys were all waiting for it.. so we can get it over n done with.. but it’s noon and there’s still no news. and we guys end up calling each other to check if it’s already activated and we don’t know.
oh well.. n we woke up early for it too!! daMM!!!!

so since i got up at dawn,i redid the blogger to kill thing, complete reading a book that i stop yesterday. alas..still no news. how boring!
site faeclift is credited to blogskin, which is created by someone called qiqi aka miracel. it’s niCE! i shall make some more admendents when i can spare more time. that should prob be this weekend. things to include are:
1. new midi
2. new pic
3. addition of the title link header.
4. more leeway for comments
5. updating the links i have got

received a call from some friends who are closed to getting their 21 yrs of existance on earth.sg.
apparently, they got some form or card from MOH. some minstry of health or something to donate their organs if they ever happen to die. creepy.. that reminded me of some chat i had some time ago. seems that a friend’s friend down some line has a dead infant. the MOH guys ripped out all the working organs like eyes..lungs..kidney, leaving the dead baby organles… and obviously shrunken.. yucky…
that’s scary..

next time is.. bush won the us pres.. he’s going to warlord us from another 4 yrs.. oh well..
more wars to come in the next yrs.. and i think economy is just going to be worse off with the anti-bush terrorists hacking at US just because of bush. funny thing is, bush generation has rule US for quite some time.. his dad n him! it’s like a monarchy.. hmm..

i do pity john k. he’s so closed… n i heard he gave up his post or something.. damm.. prob to avoid being bush for policatial reason.. well..all e best mr john.k and i hope u will last mr bush.
and to the 3rd unknown candidate… hah..u SUCK!

wonder y clinton’s not back to complete? hmm.. maybe he’s senile after his brain thingy? hmm…
radio out!
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