this seems to be interesting site leh.. got it when i wa browsing .. plus, the links actually works. seems that the user has a lot of free time to hunt for e sites.. cheeros for him.

i got to many other nonsense site b4 i even reach here. and i go to see a lo of wonderful blogs as well those craps 1…
those crap 1s refer to blogs who are showing links to porn sites.. boring.. i mean… if we really wan it.. we can just type sex in goggle or other agents.. who ever bothers to even look for it in blogs.. hmm.. dumbos.. they even include AN counter! GOD!!!

that includes site like mortage loan.. even to the extend of blogs generated by ads.. with lots of 1 line entries and 1 line title all bearing slightly diff topics… damm it.. wat is the blog world becoming? sighs..

so now i am dling MUonline from e site..cOol.. wonder how the game play is like.. hmm..!

well. overall nice site!