hmm, it’s a shitty day right from the start, with morons trying to pick on us the whole freaking day. in and out of store, in and out of office, with the usual motherfucker boss. it’s unbearable, facing holy shit for so long. seriously speaking, i sometimes have the uncontrollable urge to give 1 good slap or 1 powerful whack at their filty fat mouth!

it began witht the dumb ass RQ trying to show off his power over us in the morning. oh god, it’s true! in the freaking morning! he really knows to give shit, bitching over the usual stuffs like the hair cut issue. he’s began with his loudmouth style, getting us to know the point of disclipine in the army. yeah, it’s as if he thinks he is the law. MY ASS! go hit an ASS dude. wat hairstyle we have is out own freaking choice as long it’s short. i dun see any rational in following ur so call kickass hairstyle which is actually a coverup for ur baldness! damm U… in addition, if u say that the army is so freaking strict on regimentaions, try telling the CO or RSM to get ur jackass hair style buddy.!

sucks.. RQ can be a gd chap at times for crapping, but once he starts his nonsense.. he’s just another rogue! well..balls to U! even thought u were bitching others and not me. since u were wasting my time when i could have been doing other stuff.

more shit awaited at store. boss was bitching me on some minor stuff which i could have absolutely no control over..’s up ya all WOs n senior specs to sort it all ouT! eRmm!
but at least she’s the nice type of boss, and forgets abt all these silly stuff when ya cool down.. oh 10x god.!

day went on with no more shit..untill is started to fall out..
since we got the deepa raya celebration for the hindu n muslim buddies, we were suposed to end out work at 1900(7pm..sighs). got nthing to i detached my specs n started clearing all the dirt n clot on te specs.. all went well until i got the last 1..
the screw drop off and i could not recover it.. had to make trips to ask kimmy to :bandage: up my specs with tape b4 if look decent. but it’s really dizzzy just looking at the awaquard angle. hmm… so i gave up and took them off.

at least i got cool buddies, both guys n gals who really lended a lot of helping hands in the situation. never really knew what will happen if not e guys, who lended aid and showered me with concerN! cool! u guys n gal(theres onli 1) rockS! and damm ya all guys too for teasing me loh.. 🙂 godsis still e best, since ya nv tease me~:P n damm Qm for still asking me lead the men when i was a blind mice(ironically, i’m born in e year of the rat!)

got home saftly after tt.. phEW.. a exciting day~?

-=[Shu, Feng, Ye Zi] De Gu Shi=-
~*[Ye Zi]* De Li Kai~
~Shi *[Shu]* De Bu Wan Liu~
~Hai Shi *[Feng]* De Zui Qiuo~