today’s a big day ppl! the day S.H.E will be holding the Wou Shou Hui:)
woke up damm early today.. as a matter of fact. i awoke round 7am today. it’s a mircale, cos on days when i’m on off, i will just ZZ till the sun hits my bum! hmm.. i set e alarm u see..!:P

woke up.. did usual cycle of washing up and played some game, watch some anime. till i DOZE OFF… damm it..was damm worried i will be late.. woke again at abt 3pm.. shower change. makan n rush off to ngee ann city for the S.H.E event. well.. there’s already ppl crowding there, with ppl from the fanclub in s.h.e tees helping h.i.m organsiation hold off crowds etc. by the way, just in case ya all dunno. H.I.M is the hualian international music, the company of S.H.E , z chen, power station n many others big shots!

it was in an otherly fashion with ppl sitting in rows.. tt’s a change. cos normally. it will be a mESS!.. hmm.. since i got e preorder coupon n i am sure i will get e change to grab S.H.E hands, i went 2 borders 1st.. n read bks to kill them. i’m not as dumb as to sit in the hot sun doing nthing! haah!

read a bk on human behavioR! it’s sure a gd book. teaching how we can read signs tt the human body subsconiously gives off. i finish e bk with my superior scanning skills at round 1820 hrs.
the most vivid part of the bk tt i remeber was the part of handshaking! since todays the day i get to touch S.H.E hands, i really spend some time on tt section, reading in again after i scan though e section. ROCKS! never did i know tt it will benfit me later!

1900 hrs: the event started on time! tt’s another surprise. H.I.M sg branch didn’t screw it up again.. was quite happY! i went straight to the back of the crowd, instead of squeenze like the previous times. it was cooling at the back, with the whole crowd in front of me.. pushing n! some others spotted wat i did n follow me to the back where it was cooling, and we got AN EXCELLANT VIEW of the stage! well. i didn’t care abt tt.. all i was to see HEBE in action!!! woW!!!!

they arrived. selina in her usual fav pink color attire t. ella in white t. hebe in black attire with red glitters pieces on her shirt.. it really make her damm striking!!!! she’s totally my godness! sweet:P they sung a total of 3 songs live. superstar. hou niao. and the other song tt is newly broadcast on yes933 fm. the new song is so nice!!! rocks too when the music is on really louD..

every1 was in high spirits..expect me? i was just observing them sing. esp hebe~!~!~! think she saw me alone at the bank n say hello!! on e pic waving the hand at me.. so hAPPY! [well.. it’s true.. cos she was raise her head up n look at me, tt got all the fans excited]

i could feel the vibration of the air molecues, element in my body reasonaleing with e music! live really diff a lot from CDs. n i dun regret getting e tiXs! after it end, the host took over e stage n begun the handshaking session!

i swear i was the 1st batch of hand shakers! the 1st 2 hundred i think.. it’s really a pround achievement considering i was at the back.. with all the ppl crowd in front of me. n i even reduced all of the pushing n squeezing to a min, onli when we near the entrance to e stage. only thing was tt the female fans sure r rough, pushing me front. i swear i could feel boobs brushing across my arms n back… well.. couldn’t say i enjoy!

back to topic, walk forward to the stage for the handshaking! i was sosososo happy! cos HEBE was the 1st in the liNE!. i gave her a firm grip handshake n say 10x to hebe. her grip was firm too as compare to many other gals. her grip show tt she is shaking hands as a equal withe a few ups n downs. [read tt from the bk earlier on]cool! in addition,she gave me her sweetest smile and wink!!!!!!
she WINK!! i was in paradise.. apparently she remembered me at the bACK!
so damm happy!
and she has warm warm me so much

next was selina.. well.. she’s 1 of my friends fav. her hand was in a submissive position[shaking hand with fingers onli]. i noticed tt tt’s her handshaking style. hence extend my arm more to shake her hanD properly! cool!

last but not least, ella’s the next 1. she slim down a little more. so sweet too!!!! and she shakes with both hands.. her hand so cold.. maybe nervouS? hmm… so happY!!!

this is extreme exposure MAN!! ROCKS!!!
and i dun mind being rediculerd by ppl at camp on fri on not allowing any ass to touch my golden right hand…

doing paperwork is fine.. but no labour on my hands this whole week.. where hebE toucheD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no shaking hands with other ppl !!
mine n mine onlY!!!

-=[Shu, Feng, Ye Zi] De Gu Shi=-
~*[Ye Zi]* De Li Kai~
~Shi *[Shu]* De Bu Wan Liu~
~Hai Shi *[Feng]* De Zui Qiuo~