hmmmm.. didn’t really expected today to be so fruitful. it’s surely an eye candy day.

start of the day was a disaster. the thought of work’s makes my day shitty. even worse i got up kind of late…sheesshs…as a matter of fact it’s like 0900 hrs in e morning. [to think kim ask me to meet him for breakfast at 0900 at TM,wahaha]the fact tt i got shit to do at camp makes it worse n i gonna rush like mad. had breakfast in camp. kim’s bought food for us. lol. he sure wakes up early!

mug mug mug at work till abt 1300 hrs.. there was really nthing to do.. just a waste of time after we check ur some minor nonsense. no major shit fell on us. it’s was boring.. the spice only came afterwards!

was feeling bored, hence i decided to check out wat e guys have in plan for today… well, if there’s no plans.. i was actually planning to drop by kino to grab some bks to read. 😀
eric jio us to go see e motor show. intially, i was actually not feelinf much zeal to go there.. nthing amazez me man.. at tt point, i was wondering.. wat a boring thing to do.. since cars r just cars… just 1 mesh of steel.. i onli agree to go cos we were planning to watch movie later;P ahaha~

had lunch with e gang. had some delightful chap. listen to them say silly sexist jokes. they are allright to hear n laught.. but nevertheless, i dun really enjoy too much of them… they jsut say it too often.. just smile politely n kept to myself

kim n both os us went. on e way, we meet his gf and all proceeded there to the motorshow at suntec city. funny. his gf really looks like meiyi.. prob they r sisters? haah.. i actually wanted to ask him abt her.. but well. i figure if i probe too much.. he prob give me hell of a time later on. so i kept my dumb mouth sealed. better not to give e wrong idea.

in e end.. it was astonishing. the cars there came in all sorts of variation.. with many brands.. from the big brands monopoloies like honda. posh.. toyota, isuzu.. etc to brand tt i nv really thhought will showcase in sg..rolls royce!

hmm.. it was enriching, the new cars has tonnes of gimmicks. music system.. auto voice reconightation.. environmental cars.. fuel effiectent and electrik! cars. even showcasing future plans made for cars in the years ahead.

eric took pics with his pda. nice! it’s a pity jaguar cars r part of the motorshow at suntec.! sighs..

more things to see.. saw a lot of race queens.. most of them were really NOT fabulously… lol// so i really dun see the point in y my male counterparts were ogling at.. just lots of flesh onli mah.. chey..

it’s wasn’t until i notice this cutey nokia gal tt i started getting eric to pace pass over n over again till i got e courage to get the sticker from her.. n get a pic with her.. aaha`
it’s really exciting for me.. considering the fact tt i have to drag my friend into this.. and the nokia gal was obviously focusing seriously with her work. she’s quite shock when i ask to take a pic. she was like.. “take a picture with me? huh?” she probs thinks she’s not attractive

anyway. e reason i think she’s cute is because she got this really kawaii look…:P ponytail, with a really thing fragile body.. just the type i really adore. hehe:P

was actually quite happy then.. n i really feel the trip was worthwhile.

walked some more… did some other silly stuff with eric, and we procedd to 6th floor. saw some more cars.. not much thought.. the more ‘localised’ cars r shown here. more race queens. nthing much.. till we saw HER. wow.. tt’s a long quece of chaps eyeing n ogling at her..taking pics.. lol..
power overwheling.. now tt i think of it.. YANG CHEN LING from tw looks like her..
TAKE NOTE: YANG CHEN LINGS looks like her.. not e other way round. the race queen’s obviously younger n is definatly more attractive then her… wow.. took a pic with her. eric too.. took 2 more pics of her by herself.. saw kim there.. a pity he can’t take e pic since his gf’s around. ahaha.. for once i’m glad i single. happy noW~>> daZZZLED! just waiting for eric to pass me e i can make the 2 pics i wan into wallpaers!! CHEEROS!!!!!!!!!

=[Shu, Feng, Ye Zi] De Gu Shi=-
~*[Ye Zi]* De Li Kai~
~Shi *[Shu]* De Bu Wan Liu~
~Hai Shi *[Feng]* De Zui Qiuo~