serves’s back online. apparently, my server from sort of screw up when the sch computer expert dude forgot to renew the domain…? lol.. well, since it’s all back on track and since it also involves only me old school teacher… i shall not grumble. afterall, which school still provides a server for us ex-students! tpjC rocks! yeah~

it’s a frustating day.. after so long for being a slacker.. i’m back to mr know it all.. mr fix it.. SCREW u idiots all high high…

i absoutely when ppl keep ask me to sort this.. sort that, when apparently the whole shit does not involves me. god damm it.. i’m wasn’t in the picture when all the shit starts piling.. all of a sudden, i’m the god damm fucking sucker who has to freaking carry up all the freaking burden dated eons before i even come to this world.. how’s tt?

if u were me and i were u.. u’ll feel the same.. .. the urge to point the finger at the sky. yes, i’m complaining.. i’m cursing, i’m not being rational. since before i’m a lousy lowly paid dude in a fuck up organisation does that means tt u jackass could order me round like a some bastard from a hell hole!

acutally, i’m totally cool when my friends or my colleguages drop by for some help. however, i hate it when i’m assigned to help a particularly spec in my unit. prob e groupie i belong know of my anti-wee-ism. haha…

and i totally hate it when my superiors ask me to look into it..
it’s alwasy robbie, follow up..
robbie, look into this..

of course, it’s fine to u to say so, fine for u leechs to make me do this. but u know wat? u freaking have no item what we have to sort tt shit out?
damm u

i getting out of point.. just feeling piss offf..

forgive the “colorful language” of a underpaid, overwork solider in a fucked up oransation.

-=[Shu, Feng, Ye Zi] De Gu Shi=-
~*[Ye Zi]* De Li Kai~
~Shi *[Shu]* De Bu Wan Liu~
~Hai Shi *[Feng]* De Zui Qiuo~