I happen to have very qeird friends.. here’s 1.
just saw 1 of them online.. guess i didn’t got the time to set to buzy mode in msn n watch anime/ play games.. she msg me.. with some interesting speech.. i shall not name names..lol

anyway.. we chat for quite a while. abt new gadgets.. how 1 of her cca mates wan her as a gf.. blah blah.. crap somemore.. then at 1 moment..
but she keep insisting tt she look sucky althought from the recent pic i got from here prove her claim to be false.. well.. over n over again. i insist tt she look great, healthy.. charming.. blah blah..(i shall spare e details) but on the other side.. she says she sucks..

tt y i find it weird… prettys gals say they suck..
sucky gals say they rock…
i seriously have idea wat is the female species doing?
some1 enlighten me?

P/S i’m weird too.. i still can’t find the moodring..ah!!!!!!!!! blaST!

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