I was watching the WO HE JIANG SHI YOU GE YUE HUI II(not III, didn’t have the time yet) that I downloaded some time ago. The first few sub stories that runs in the story’s pretty interesting.

However, that’s not the point here. I just felt like blogging an entry about this sub story in the remaining time I have got left before returning to camp. It’s about this disciple of the House of Ma, who by some reason or another purhase a computer site just for online icqing chat. He soon meet a phantom chatter name “Zhen Zhi” aka Sadako from THE RING.

Actually, this sub story uses characters from THE RING to make her own story interesting to supplement and establish the latter part of the story. Back to story…

Well, this Zhen Zhi character is a in reality a real ghost that was puppeted by the vampires in the show. Her purpose was to kill men in 7 days after chatting online with them.

Yet again, my rational on craping on this is not to related the plot of the story.

Just why do a lot of people spend a lot of their quality time online gaming, chatting? Cos, they’re lonely, and really need some kind of virtual companionship. Over the internet, you’re protected by a smokescreen, and enhance with the ablilty to punk around, to give other inter-itzen a false impression. In other words.. we are allow to bullshit, allow to brag shameless.

Maybe this is just another silly entry to attract attention.

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~*[Ye Zi]* De Li Kai~
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