it’s coming! the time that has been forseen! time for freedom. just tml’s duty = freedoom..
monday’s a fresh new day for the poor soul who owns this blog. the poor soul who has torlated the inevitable!

monday the day that this poor soul’s attaching to 21 distcommm and then further on to EX HIGHNOON in taiwan n it’s clear leave to ORD!! chEERS!!!!!

it’s been long since the blog’s last updated due to several reasons that only has to related to my unit’s CO. well, it’s bad. my unit that is. with the new mono intake.. the lives of many were dragged to hell. myCO is a FRAGGING FREAKBAG FURBALL. yeah. U SUCK. tt’s my personal feelings towards to u. not to mention tonens of PCs,PSs specs are against u . in general. u command no respect from us. n nv will. FRAG

4 days w/o booking outs sucks. so do my CO

-=[Shu, Feng, Ye Zi] De Gu Shi=-
~*[Ye Zi]* De Li Kai~
~Shi *[Shu]* De Bu Wan Liu~
~Hai Shi *[Feng]* De Zui Qiuo~