It’s part 02. Welcome back to the crappy and sick world of me, mE, and myself. Another episode of the sick event. As all members of this site can see from the topic, I make a silly mistake by assuming what turns out to be terrible wrong. And it’s not the fact on being joyly well posting what I really think and felt hell deep inside. To correct myself, it’s not something that was done at the spark of the moment. Instead, it’s a built on thing, something that has been accumulated for eons. It’s well fueled rage.

On a side story, that’s the rational that I always wanted to major in psychology. So that I can help people who happens to be in the same pothole as me. To impart all the knowledge in curbing all this irrational emotional outburst and selfish thoughts.

Heading to back on track, it was assume the affected party mentioned in the previous 2 post will never learn of this site and that it will not bother shit for her to even drop by to learn the screw up personality of the webmaster.

It seem that, some1 bother after all. And that some1 do not refer to sweet shuya aka mab. Thanks dear. Some1 who respond well in her OWN blogring. So now, the proportion of me being LABELED as a friend who actually take TOO MUCH effort to care and bother about rocketed skyhigh. Some1 who actually offer to ask me to visit her blog and put some possible nice remarks. That’s cold. So cold that I have to lie that I got nothing to comment. How ironic and sad.

Since, I absolutely hate lying to myself.

So now the whole things entering a stage where each and every1’s blogging each other responds on their own indivual blog. Well knowing the fact that, the other 1 on the other end will list out their own rationals. Both parties fearing to openly posting long chains direct on each other bloggies’ comments. At least I do. Since it’s prob spolit her blog and create more problems for her. I’m considerate after all. And I feel lesser of an ass already.

Did I posted the hotel theory too? Well, I ought to do that too. I so considerate that I delete that provoking portion at the time of post. Maybe I’m nice after all.

Sometimes, do you guys out there think that it’s hard to open out after a saddening event? maybe some deaths round people close to you. Maybe a death of some1 important in your life? Some1 who was never your relative, yet a soulmate. Maybe it’s not correct never to open up the terrifying past, to overcome it. Since after all, the worst just REPEATS itself differing little.

It’s prob the best to lock it all up in the depths of your heart. Keeping all the past memories, love, stories between the dead and you well hidden.

A book once mentioned that every1 in this world is wearing a mask to face people. A different mask to protray to different indivual one knows. Maybe putting on a strong, witty, chatty, noisy, smiley front is all every should do……

It’s the best to love only yourself. Since you’ll get hurt. Since you can only trust yourself. Since it’s POLITICALLY CORRECT to bother about anything else

Let’s face it. My middle name is call Assume. And my job’s to make a ASS of U and ME

Lessons In Life: Don’t Ever Be K-P-O
Lessons In Life: Every Ending’s Marked By Death
Lessons In Life: Close Your Door and dump the key away
Lessons In Life: Be an Ass when you lose it.

-=[Shu, Feng, Ye Zi] De Gu Shi=-
~*[Ye Zi]* De Li Kai~
~Shi *[Shu]* De Bu Wan Liu~
~Hai Shi *[Feng]* De Zui Qiuo~