Offical Declaration: I’m a MUTE! I’m a MUTE! I’m a MUTE! I’m a MUTE! I’m a MUTE! I’m a MUTE! I’m a MUTE! I’m a MUTE! I’m a MUTE! I’m a MUTE! I’m a MUTE! I’m a MUTE!

Apparently, my equipement is not working. {And, I don’t mean the thing down there, you get the point} HELLO, the voice package is not working. In actual fact, it’s seem numb whenever I touch it and the urge to cough ever increase.

All the voice packages does is to cough, hiss like a snake. It’s such a drag. At least I got 2 days MC, today and tomorrow?

I think I shall lie down later and get some rest…. once my own works done…and after taking like 5 diferent type of medicine… woOW
Or maybe I shall abuse the time for MC to grab just about every1 to watch movies? hehe.. so far, lunch n movies are just about to rob me flat. hehe! [shAZzzy gonna kill me on this]

Read something on 1 of the blogs. An amusing entry. Maybe i’ll share it when i’m slightly in a sane situation, unless i become a ass again. Drugs taking it’s effects.

Just remember somthing funny 1 of the NSmen made at my new attached camp. As lots of ya know, NSmen are the next crappest people in life, and they can really tok thrash just about anytime, anywhere., any1. There’s this really bengish dude who was doin the Q n A with me when we were packing the glassware for the overseas trip. We were discussing something on my studies in NUS. The moment I’m mentioned that i wanna take psychology as my major, all those weird comments comes up.. He insists it’s 1 great sub. and i must stay in the halls.. so i can Bang just abt every1.. omG…

Great! since he mentioned with psychology, i can psychology just about every1 and get lay. Next thing, we were throwing wrapped glassware overheads… heading them.. etc….

Lesson 1: Traumatised by loss of voice and more
Lesson 2: Persistent in regaining my voice.
Lesson 3: bet u dun understand wat crap i’m saying.. and i blame the drugs.

p/s: ur songs are looping. it’s play on n on too.. dun think i dunno.. 😛 FYI n i love tong hua~

-=[Shu, Feng, Ye Zi] De Gu Shi=-
~*[Ye Zi]* De Li Kai~
~Shi *[Shu]* De Bu Wan Liu~
~Hai Shi *[Feng]* De Zui Qiuo~