It’s been some time.. since i last been to the bloggie post section. it’s been like 2 whole months? therefore it’s time to do a revamp. a new layout, to keep up with changes. to instill some spirit into myself. yeah, myself. this is my site after all [=_=]

there’s been a lot of events going about during my period of absense from singapore. both bad and pleasant events. though i strongly prefer not to tell u guys. something for u to figure it out, something for me to mourn for. sighs …

things been a bitch upon landing in taiwan. screwups going all about. (pardon my language, i’m still trying my best to forsake my excellant command of the foul language) firstly, the container for holding all the items screwed up into different camps. what excellant planning for the first day. all due to some fat ass. furthmore, before we left singapore, that particular fat ass’s proclaim that planning is a damm important thingy to do. yet…. and he brags that he’s been to ROC exercise for 21 times. oh, go stay in ur dung house! poo brain.

from then, it’s setting up of the ops room in hengchun camp. aka pu qian camp. funny thing, everyone there’s call it as pu qian camp. just us singaporeans call it hengchun camp. my driver was confused when we first say hengchun camp instead of pu qian camp. that’s because there’s 3 army camps in hengchun town. pu qian, the one FSG resides in, ren shou camp, pao li camp where all the stars n craps generals stay.[i.e Chief of army, chief guards officer etc……] stars n craps are rank.. mind u! i see them all day long. boring bunch.

basically from then, i was the PA for 1 of the warrant officers(WO), part of my role was to be his PA…(yeah i say tt didn’t i?), chinese translater for him since he’s an indian WO, clerk, secretary, negociagtor when we are on offical business trip, apart from being his assisant.. blahblah.. the list goes on. basically, it’s everything besides letting him screw.

pay there was horrible. it’s only 18.50 sing dollars per day for allowance during my 5 weeks stay. TAKE NOTE, allowance’s only based on the 1st week n last week. god damm it. freaking SAF. to fuck it up, it’s was orginally 22 sing dollars, for 4 weeks.

work was surpising fun after i was attached to this WO. nice chap. we can talk a lot. too bad he smokes like there’s no tommorow. FYI> cigareetes r cheap in tw! 1 box = 400-500 nt, 1 box = 10 pack. omg.. it abt sing 20-25 dollars… in addition, he drinks a lot too. lol. other then that, he’s an okay boss to work under him.

got lots chance to look at town life when i was doing local purchase with the WO. for simpligy sake, i shall address him as “boss” in this entry. both of us use our mine bus transport to look around when we finish our purchase. we went to parts.. beach… beach.. beach.. mountains.. beach… beach….. (u get e idea)

the beach n mountain views from taiwan were excellant!!! the beach’s better.. since it close to e road.. with stores.. so we got to see gals in swimsuits? heheehhe!!!!!!!!!! walking all around.

came back on may 03 morning.. 3 am.. n damm changi duty free shop. it’s not 24 hr.. cos when we alighted.. there’s only the wine store left.. perfume’s clOSED!!!

just to mention R&R was horrible. it’s only 2 D 1 N. to increase to 3 D 2 N, we need to top up 700 NT = abt 36 dollar sing. yeah. it kind of suck. we pay in the end. so it’s off to gaoxiong for R&R and damm 1GDs chaps for going taipei. damm!

basically, gaoxiong city just a bigger town.. with shoping malls abt 10 stories high.. other then that. nthing special. i rather apprieately the shady alleys where stuff n food is cheap n nice. the factor of bargaining is also a plus point.

next thing is. there’s lot of stuff that are deem illegally in sg. taiwanese sell weapons openly. air pistols… swords… dagger.. samurai swords small n big. and they are all ready to be use. no license need at all. my friend even spotted an GPMG. holy crap. wat a life.. well.. there’s XXX stuff sold too. manga. vcds. sex toys flourish there too.. lol~ but it’s all in alleys. expect the weapons which are sold in malls.

the tw road sys is bloody chaotic. the roads are like twice ur expressways size? esp the 1s near malls.. omg.. and i swear i’m not hallucating. omg! scary. drivers seats on the left. cars n bikes move beside u even it’s green ligth. dust everywhere.. unheartly n unhealthy area..

lol …..

overall. tw’s an interestiing place. but i pefer singapore anytimE!!!

It’s nice to know that you were there
Thanks for acting like you cared
And making me feel like
I was the only one
It’s nice to know we had it all
Thanks for watching as I fall
And letting me know we were done
Avril Lavigne – [Under My Skin] – 15 My Happy Ending