it’s amazing. i’ve been right up into the skies in the morning. back to soild earth in mid afternoon. and plunged down right to hell in the late afternoon. it’s really amazing. it’s NUS. welcome to hell n reality.

the day begins with an extreme annoyance of getting up from the bed, and rocketing to nus after a fast breakfast! wow! the trip to nus on the train’s interesting, full of interesting sights and pretty girls! hmmm~ wat a day to begin with

meet rabbit for lunch at nus and we split off to diff fac. he to foe. me to fass. the walk to fass was even more enlightening. hmm. u get wat i meant. i had to resist the urge to stop walking since there’s a lot of kawaiiiiiiiiiiiii ppl around. tt’s heaven.

it was earth then when i saw a friend from my unit. well.. a friends’ friend. nice friendly chap. had some polite conversation. dump him in the european studies after he dragged me there to listen to the talk. boi.. he’s sure into it. lots of things. a pity i dun enjoy wat he likes tt much. the lecturer’s the type who can really drilled u into boredom with his muttering voice.. yes. he mutters to himself at times.. Qeird!!! he’s bragging all abt the euporean thingy, it freaks me up.
the things he shown were interesting.. but.. he’s BorinG!!! with a captial ‘B’ n ‘G’ . no offense

socialogy was interesting. considering they did won the debate with the policatical sci guys. so interesting tt i’m almost going to do it when i enroll. just tt i heard it’s going to lots of field ground survys.. research.. which bored me to tears.. maybe a minor in it ? hehe!1

CMN was totally cooL! n i still can’t figure out y it’s not in fac computer sci? well… it’s a blessing for me. the lecturer coolZZZZZZZzzzzz! the most interesting fact’s tt we do not need to be a geek to join it. since it’s has new modules which dun need com knowledge at all! woW! maybe this will be a fight against NTU’s mass comm.. hmmm… i really like this. management in com. n new media.. bla blha.. a MAJOR consideration definatly!!!!

psy was totally a FLOB!. IT SUCKS TERRIBLE. NUS OFFERS SHIT IN PSYCHOLOGY. the lecturers totally suck.. the 1 man they chose as rep suck. tt’s a fact. he’s was dumb founded by Qs asked by 1 nerd freak.. n 1 old man. hell.. wat kind of deparment is this if they dun have lecturer that think out of the box. all they was to avoid the Qs.. hide around the long replies they give.. n it’s not even answers… . it bored the audiences so much we left early.. in addition, considering the fact we were totall turn off by his lecture.. i dun think we will c mucn ppl taking this module. not to mention the potenial nerd balls i saw there.. the seniors r nerd.s the future seems so dark!!

so.. many CMN n chi here i comE!!!!

lol. phew. at least i chose fass 1st. if i got in foe.. i prob be helL!

actually, i chose ntu psy upon hearing that it would be cool to be the pioneer batch in it. upon learning the shit from nus psy. i think not. after all.. most of the stuff taught in ntu’s abt e same. furthermore.. clinal psychologist in sg can’t be psychiatrist type who prescribe med. in addition, it’s all the theory they derrived from lab rats.. how can humans be compared to small rat furballs? impossible. suck..

so.. NONO to psy!

It’s nice to know that you were there
Thanks for acting like you cared
And making me feel like
I was the only one
It’s nice to know we had it all
Thanks for watching as I fall
And letting me know we were done
Avril Lavigne – [Under My Skin] – 15 My Happy Ending]