wow…… how exciting …… all of a sudden, everyone’s holding 21 bday celebration…..

going endless 21 bday sure make celebrating it boring all of a sudden? y? cos it’s the same thing. cake. cam pics. food. catching up. chat. talk. crap. buzz off. it’s hot, with lots of people.

it sure inspire me not to hold a 21 bday thingy. guess i’ll prob run off to the beach, n spend my day alone watching the sea. listening to the waves. spending my time in the wide open sea. how nice!!!

it’s prob weird. this thinking of mine. i like fun. it’s a pity crowds no longer cheer me up. it’s just hot n noisy. prob having peace all around is nicer!!!

maybe i’ll just do tt. haha~. run off~ hide on tt day.

hmmm…. or maybe i can try something more fun.. round up friends who know each other born in oct. get a mass celebration on a day! meaning ful? heheheh! how abt tt!

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –