hmmmm~ sweet mother! it's long due. it's finally my turn to ORD!!!! Ooo – Rrr – Dddee!!!!!!!!!

sweet mother. and my friends who enlist at the same time joins me in this joyous event! now there's no longer any obligation to report to camp. no more yes sir. yes sir. damm the bloody fools in camp! good bye the 2nd home for nsf lads. and hello to society n sch!

but alas.. i have yet to collect my pink ic.. lol~ Y? cos i simply can't find the time to get it. my unit dun work on sat june 18(tt's my ORD). in addition.. Chief Clerk refuses to release it on fri.. not tt i can get it

the next weeks' all eaten by Arts camp 05 at nus.. and i dun forsee any time slot to do any collection.. so it's next next monday~~ 27 june b4 i can even smell my pink ic, prob all gone musty in CPC.. !!

tt's LRI day. i wishes u guys all e best okaY? hehe~

had a hearty sick flu, cough, fever last week.. which sort of rendered me bedridden.. sighs.. well
at least i was able to re read the robin hobb collection i have. it sure bring back memories whenever i read those books. the story that envolves btw the farseers, fritz, the fool, the love btw molly n fritz, the comfusing relationships btw the grandfather cum king, and the sad life btw a king n queen.

the six book series reallys hell of a good book..! after reading it make me had wet eyes everytime i read it. not to mention having strange dreams of some ppl i used to know. some people never remain truely dead.

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –