wow! i’m finally back from nus arts camp 2005. i must say, it’s much more then i have expected. never did i foresee the fun we had. maybe we’re not the best in everything. but every og have their own special thingy that makes the members love the group so much right? as so, mine’s totally ROCKING! it’s really a pity i didn’t take pics. but hey! christ bought his! and i much like starngle him to upload the pics that captures out footages and of course, the special pictures that he so thoughtfully help me take. pics of 1 very interesting gal! 🙂

day 1 was chaotic in nus with the many many freshies flocking the function hall in eusoff hall! 1st thing i know, i caught yuyan there. seriously, i think she really looks hell lot like 1 of my hk friends back in sch. she’s the PR sect of the arts camp thingy. i think she kindof kawaii! even christ n wenyuan thinks so! [this 2 r from my og] every1 who arrived started playing ice breakers like wackos, and doing the name game:P quite of interesting to play them since it really make me recollect the memories of the JC days when i was OGL of my own grp:P my og ppl do have lots of interesting names! danielle, star are more attention seekings 1s. y? cos i never know any1 who such COOL names! and of course, there’s these gal who’s name so chim that it seem imposible to pronouces that she gave up saying up name n made us call her may! lol

i seem to think that my OG mates really do look like my other friends, or old sch mates that i wasn’t too close too~ faith looks like huishan~ my super artistic talent arts mate! danielle looks like some1 from annabella class. christ like rongminG! melissa was like yating’s twin! OMG!

we did a campus tour n played games missons while we were all doing tt! i think it’s kindof fun~. kindof of vivid when i ate the flour covered banana. played loads of games! it’s really a 1st timer for me to really take part in the games. Y? wat inspire me? well.. that’s the fact that they are too few guys in the OG and too many gals! we can possible let the gals do the dirty work? tt would be sinful! so the 4 guys volunteered! and of course~ the encourgements from every1 1 make us feel really good! n of course the occasionally glare from a certain some1 made us worked even harder!

day2 was super FUN! we did the amaZing RACE!!! completing game missions from nus to west coast park. running all round, perspiring like mad dogs! the were many vivid memories! and i think most of the fun came from day 2! cos we did swimming. something that’s worse then hell. welll, at least to me. too little swimming in my days just make me all too aware i will prob flukE in the event. 10x gd the gals were sporting! i did really little in e event. nearly drown when i was in the pool! LOL! and it was until quite sometime later i rememeber how to swin. by then, times was up. lol!

the other thing was the west coast games. carin, 1 of the drop dead beautiful conusellors was station mistress at the tofu station. she from my og! yeah!!!! counsellors are usually thye yr 2 n 3s who signed up to help out with the OG. anway, she was evil! pure evil~ since she’s part of the grp that created a recipe of horrible tofu mixed with vniegar.. and god knows wat. we were supposed to play the number game. the twist was that, which ever grp guesss the correct number, he wins tt round and his whole grp will have to share the gross gross tofu mixture

yeah, we can’t possible have the gals to participate in this!me, christ.wenyuan sold our souls to this game. jon was away to settle some army crap back home. 3 more gals join~ may. faith.mel~
god favoured us on tt day. and bestow us with the tofu!!!!!!!!! we were Sooo lUCkyYyy.. wenyuan won. i won. omg. and the grp have to share the gross drink made by dear dear carin~

i mean like, when i noticed that wenyuan, christ, and the gals were no longer able to get more of the drink.. i was like..omg.. i’m last.. and cleared it all up! lol! tt made me man of match..! king of gross drinks and earn the respect of my og! the gals even gave me a pat on the shoulder to offer their encouragements! it was so sweet when the big D did tt.~ oh ya, tt’s danielle`. i think she the most sporting gal i know. ever ready volunteerd for all the stuff with the gals! the super wonder gal. tt y i call her the big D! cos she’s simply great! many a times when i was halve hearted, i just look at her and think, if she can do that. we can all do it! yeah~

the straw game was hilarous! we broke the record. blowing 6 candles out! earning the title of super blower! haah~ aaron’s the man of match! if he never thought of tt, we will nv do it! cheerioS!

there’s even speed dating. sponsored by SDU. LOL! on day2 nites n day 3 nites.was awakarded. but in the end. everything turned out fine. and i got to know a great friend! it’s such a blessing!
cheerioS daisy bearnie friend! donald robbie send his greetings!

sentosa on day 3 was not exciting my day. i was too confused and distracted to really give my all in the days. the beach is not really my thing. since it gives me back sad memoriers abt drowning. and it’s alwasy a place i go to whenever i ‘m feeling down. just staying too long at the beach made me recollected too many pains. so i was really like stoneing.. not too eager.. all the time rathering spending my time looking at particular some1 who’s always kindof drifting behind ever so silenceing in the back.

day 4’s a total war thing. violent! water games turn into contact rugby. the really fun thing was having our own soyabean tieing competition. we were like tieing water bombs for games! booing n disturbing the engieer’s factuly ppl! directly the gals to dress in army No4. it was FUNNY!!!! totoally COOL! if only we have a full batt camera then. sighs. will be good to have tt as a memory. gals in oversize no4 uniform. starring big D n adeline (other OG)
night was clubing! it was fun! until i did something horrible and spolit the day for myself. makeing day5 even more awkard, sighs. drunk a lot after tt… was totally wreak out.

day5 e last. it was touchng. aaron made us write something for every1 on our papaer plates. past the plates in a anticlock direction. i was LIKE YES!!!!!!!!! AN CHANCE@@@ SCREAMINg. since the gal i really like was like sitting next to me. n i was like thinkging… since i am sitted to the left of her. i will be the last 1 dropping a message to her. I plucked my guts, and wrote something mushy. i think. i was kind of embarrassed. the feeling of so close, yet so far thingy. until now, i was’t too sure what got into me. and seriously speaking, i dun know wat willl happen after tt. got her number. was all too disappointed when she hike a ride with her friend. a guy friend. damm it!

got depress. frown n stoned the remaining day. if only i can be more cool abt it. i really really do like u.ym

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –