woke up really late today.. 1300++ in the afternoon and not really feeling all that great all of a sudden. saw almost every1 online. and every1 was msning me. ah.. invitation to dota games training matches. more badminton on mon. was kindof overwhelmed. considering the fact i just woke up.

was really glad to heard from roy. a SNAG. share some guy secret which i’m not obliged to share with u ppl~ haha~ sometimes, it’s such things that bond ppl around. not really sure if the exchange made me feel better~ but at least, he bothered:P thanks MAN! the gossip help.

listening to a lot of guang liang songs these days. esp after the camp. i feel his songs really does a lot of sense in it as compare to the new artists.. like tt wan jun biao mei singer. i think he suck.

enought of me blahing on how qeird i feel now. confusing. for once, i was unsure abt my future ahead. felt that my heart getting number. arGH!

maybe i shall take pleasure in getting my new phone. or hope tues will be a great og outing! a chance to see more. talk more with.

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –