i finally borther to make a trip back to bedok camp2 for the collection of my pink ic. and of course, to sign the remaining of the clearance. not tt i would like to drag. there’s just no convience time to do such a collection. from my ord date 18 june till now.. it’s alwasy fully occupied. the week after my ord was arts camp. and it was worth to take part in it. after tt, the sat was spend doing excessive thinking.

the feeling was immerse. taking the step into camp. i was still greeted warmly by the dudes.
i learn many tales, many stories after i left. it was cool that they guys still care to fill me in~ warming ~ i miss every1. well.. expect the sonofabitch CO.

went back to my office. crap. learn n confirm tt chung’s now the 2ic of my office. he’s totally taken over my role, doing all the shitty things. carrying all the responiblisties as the man of the man. haha!~ it was funny` ken n alf are still e same~ lol! somethings never change.

crap the most with terry when he was bz writing the 1206s, getting ready for tml’s LRI thingy. leech all his stuf from his phone via bluetooth~ ahahah. many sad things happen over his side during the time i was gone. sad. sad but true. kimmy n zf’s face was kindof black.. too much work~… did n’t really bother them. alex was like outcast.. sighs.. shall not elaborate on tt.

crap more with CC. chief clerk. she 1 hell of a nice person~ she was e 1 who show me the ropes to survive in ns. crap with athena.~ heard her tok abt her future plan to study~ she really does like kids~ lol~ n this godsis gonna be a teacher~ educating my kiDS.. OMG!

took a lot of pics of my mates. it kindof cool to do tt after i ORDed~ something to remember~
i thank every1 for makine my ns life a smooth U~ muack~

being back together today was really important for me. spending time with guys keep me occupied and made me stop thinking for a while. for once, in this few days, it helped. i feel so blessed that guys can alwasy have a wide social circle. in times of need, we just hang out with them. just being inside with guys kepts things going on sane for me. even if i dun share my problems. U GUYS ROCK!

i could never totally understand how gals take comfort when their social circle is much smaller, limited usually to sec.poly or jc friends. sighs..

tml’s 1 bZ day. meeting up with the og ppl for rag thingy. i wonder if ym will turn up. yeah sure, she reply she prob go. yup, prob go. it’s still an either or thingy. i hope she goes. grps outings does so much gd. it keeps us off thinking of unpleasant moments.

the guys called. and almost succeed in getting to biking with them tml. well.. almost. i really to go.. however. on the other hand. rag thingy, with the thought tt ym’s prob going is just too tempering. let’s hope ym feeling better. cheers n smile alwasy like lavendery~

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –