hmm.. all of a sudden. i’m obsesss with typing in chinese thingy. and i will make it fashionable to converse in chinese.

so i’m doing another personal blog in chinese.

tired.. was ripped apart on many sides.. grp 1 wans badminton. grp 2 for god sakes want shop for bday gifts.. i’m like so broke. ahZz.. grp 3’s rag. somethings i hope i can do the mirror image splitting thingy! tt will so much rock.

it’s feel so great to be so BZ these days. going out everyday. it help. i wasn’t free to think abt other things! maybe all tt matters is to let everything cool down. so that every1 is happy!
and just let nature takes it’s course

at least. the pieces are patching up. bit n bit, however painful it is.

jia you!
-yi ge yong yuan wei ni dan xin de ren-

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –