feeling a little tupid now. maybe more then just feeling stupid. y should i bother abt this stuff. spened the remainder of last night thinking after chatting with ym. end up really sleeping at 0430. i guess i’ll just act as if nthing happen. let things go on as it is.

after all. it’s really none of my business what happen to them. if anything happens, i already know who i am siding with.

just reliease i am so tired. physically. and broke? haha, but i still going out later with the og. although there’s not a lot who’s going. ppl i really to see won’t be going i guess. lol~
tt’s how life is! murphy’s law’s the core of every shit tt befalls.

now at least LRI got an A. my juniors did it afterall despite the flob boss say~

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –