wow! was getting wc’s gift when i chance upon some cute kawaii hp accessories! it then dawn upon me that my kawaii accessory from tw is still buried under my stack of S.H.E stuff! and now it’s hanging on my hp~ so happY~

well, it’s something to cele! considering the ill events happening these days. at least i got over my own pile of shit. ym, i solve mine. hope i solve ur’s too~ cheers~ ~peng you yong yuan zai~

today’s day shopping at ps for wc’s gift as horriblE. every1 was late..arGH.. is it becoming come ritual? i felt like kicking their arse until i found peace at some times bkstore!

seriously, i find tt brain man’s a bit out of Q today. he’s a zombie..more zombie then me! adn tt’s not fair.. cos i’m the sad man here~ anyway.he tought of getting some relationship bk for wc.. to maintain his gf which i heard was !&#)? not too sure abt e details.. he seem determined, and frown when i bypass his idea..

man.. it’s really insensative to give some1 tt. bks on relationships when i heard his’s cracking? life in canada screw brain man up.~ no offence!

day with e guys ended with more crapping. it’s was still comfortable to hang round with them! at least i dun need to think too much with them~ endless crap helps at times. found myself back with them..

some time ago, i feel stony, an so so alone. well. lifes not abt 1 + 1. guess the thought tt 1 + many is the only way now! can’t read my codes…? carin will know ahahahah~. crazy gal~

tml’s an early riser~ yawns! more outing.. come i’m bk everyday~? wahahah and still staying so late to tortue myself. so exciting!

now i wonder how lav feels~ JIA YOU! BI YE Le!

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –