i know 2 girls. it’s a small world, because they are both libras! not that i’m belittleing libras or think libras are silly, i’m a libra myself and am proud of it. just that sometimes, i feel libras feel too much. too much for them to comprehene or handle.

just thinking of 2 friends sets me wondering. esp on a late nght like this. or is it morning? hmmm.. u decide.

both of them seem terrible bitter abt the past… maybe that’s not the correct term. they just have a thread somewhere lingering on to the past. trying to attach back to the past. do they miss it so much that they refuse to let go? even it’s all bad memories? i dun know.

it’s hard to let go n move on. but we must. y feasti the wound when u can move on n heal it. it’s not as it you are trying to fling it away from your life. it will forever be part of you. something that is a part of you. move on. heal n let it just be a scar. instead of clinging on to it.

move on. shape on or shit out.

dun disappoint ur friend here.

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –