damm it.. read the god damm topic and u know wat i mean. seriously, frags own this world. just look at the increasing no of frags round us. even if i did lend u my fingers, you’ll need more!

fag no 1: look at news today man. some frag from a certain organistaion in sg on the headlines! it’s a pity i can’t name this organistaion out. they’ll sue me! but hey u know. the fag takes a 1st class tix? non benifical? does that rings a bell? yeah.. he’s 1 mf frag! no need to elborate on tt.

sad issue. money still needs to be pump into this organization.. cos ppl do need $ for the increasing medical fees.. so ppl.. just treat this frag as he is. condem him. do watever to him. but donate. okay?

fag no 2: frags who think they are cool hackers. get a life. there’s this paypal serive tt email to me. claiming i transfer 67 us dollars to this frag on paypal. so paypal send some email order confirming this order. dumb email then prob me to create an paypal account… fill in my card’s details as a from of verification.. then offer me to close translation? WTF? tt’s lame

hack sites suck…. no1’s so stupid to fill in tt?

as a reason. i just dumb e email to the real paypal serivce.. let’s c how this sucker fag dies..

fag no 3: sg guys! tt’s including me… i tink? y can’t u jolly well make up ur goddamm mind on things. does fixing the freaking time takes u 1 god damm hour to decide? even so, the end product’s nthing! if you moron decide on e idea. dun let antz take e shit or organising… holy crap!

pisss piss pisss pisspissspissspssss

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –