i like e moon~yuE hehe -> bored

been rotting at home for some time. since my leg hurts. issue is… i just can’t remember how i hurt it? did i ramp my leg when i was sleeping? or some supernatural enitity did something weird to it? i wonder.

over e few days.. it’s endless pawning of noobs online in games.. reading intensively. waiting for potter bks to come to sg. it’s 1 hell of a wait. and i hope jrk dun screw it up by making some1 die again.. really, the previous bk was a let dowN!!!

and of course.. checking the news on nkf shit. apparently, every1’s still fuming even the nkf board stepped down. really, what can u ppl really expect? kill every1 off?

face it.. patients need the cash for the kidney thing. just stop donating cos somthing happen? damm..

now ppl’s evening shooting arrows at the nkf host just he believes in the nkf organistaion? i watched tt particualar part when he say such touching words? haughty remarks? i beg to differ.

he’s the only smart dude who knows despite all the shit going on, nkf needs the funds.

so what if it’s true tt part of the $ goes to the board. if they’re no nkf.. there will more dead ppl out there.. mind u.. DEAD PPL. not alive..

if u lose some1 dear.. u’ll know. frag balls!

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –