wow.. it’s been 4 solid days since i have last blog! and, surprising i’m feeling better then ever! maybe it’s all the arts fever tt’s doing all these. maybe i’m simply going nuts from the precamp! maybe it’s the positiveness in me when i discover 1 hell lot of interesting ppl. watever it is.. i’m quite high! on the go! it’s cool the camp help me get rid of the load from my mind.

first time. i was like late again? well.. at least i was earlier then carin da jie da! haha! it was so weird when i called to inform her that i was going to late on the the nite b4 since going out kt usually ends at dawn. she was like saying.. hm.. try to be early lah.. and she appears at ten the next day? lol! so funny! could help teasing her when she say sorry.

it’s was one hell of a tiring morning, marked by the Zzzz monsters that just couldn’t stop swarming my head! i was kindof surprise when i got there. the house i was attending seem split. well.. at least in colors. they were either in red or black~ hah~ black dudes n gals in remus shirt. i think it was pretty cool! just tt maybe black seems too common a color.. too dark n dull.

we did some games after the basic routine introduction [it was sad to discover that only the usual “on” ppl are attending]. well.. at least, we test the games.. to be used as ice breakers for the new new freshies tt will e coming to oweek. quite fun i think. the runing around make some blood pumping and i won the war against the ZZz monsters after running around.

not much bonding done though. since most ppl came with the previous grps. and mostly click with them still.

rest of the day was spend hearing cors talk. n some lt games. this time round, they secure a better chap to hsot the talk. was better then last time. then they start chosing ppl for the events. things like treasure hunt. night venture. war games. etc.

was kind of sad when the limit for night venture was cap in the og. chose treasure hunt instead.
but hey, it turn out more rewarding then bad. i was surprised. it’s alasy a blessing in disguise!! hhee!

night was worse.. but i bet some guys were prob damm happy about it. it was night venture time! n we watch the movie :shutter: b4 the event started.. screams started happening on the right of me! they scare me instead of the ghost in e movie.. justina, ellieen were horrible.. cos they scream right into my ears… ouch!

missed the night venture thingy. cos they was a time limit to it.. and they were justing doing a run through on it. so, not every1 could go.. i was like so so sad… just 1 more row to mine.. pengZ.
i was looking forward to the haunted looking house.. damm. and i really wan to scare my friends who where playing ghost!!!

supper at fong seng again. was sitting with my og friend at 1 end with jingfen and feeling quite happy about it. since there was some1 familliar ma. until i got drag to the other table. okay.. i wasn’t dragged. it was like some invitation by 1 gal over to the other end of table to let some gal know me better. agreed, since the gal who asked was cool i think.

did some polite conversation. juggle the crowd. heard some very obvious hints from the gal who as supposed to know me better. wasn’t my type. but my og mates were like very concerned abt

went back and did a lot of crazy games tt make the night enjoyable. we stay up all night! for some reason or another.. i think i’m kindof of gd in psy.. and make my mind to definaltely take psy as a exposure module! cos i’m simply excellant in guessing murderer at the murderer game on the 1st try. no wonder every murderer was determined to kill me early. damm!

day 2 was equally exciting. totally rocks. it begun witt eh 0630 move out. to esusoff hall for showering. escort mayjunejuly n jingfen to the hall.. send them up. and discover the janitor waiting down there for me.. giving me the look! i was like the?

moron janiter was asking.. are they from the hall.. i say ya… i’m was excorting them back.. and was on my way back to my hall.. close shave. then i dash to 4th floor n took a nice shower! thinking of all the evil jokes i hear abt indians from my racist friends. oh ya.. the janiter was

went for arts club room for the meeting of the treasure hunt fellowship. cool. saw some cool ppl there. someppl know me.. i dun know them.. wow..

head to sentosa for the talk.. was intially team up the some ppl doing the chi chess section. was glad. until they pair me with a gal when her parnter had to leave early. i was worried. just how was i going to maintain a converstaion with her for 6 hours? god!

but boy! i was wrong! she turn out to be a very interesting person! very intersting indeed! some1 who’s not afraid to share her ideas. an equal. walk to e location we were supposed to go. it was a lot of steps n steep! chat more.

make the preprations! chat a bit more. then it started raining.. it started with her noticeing the clouds coming in.. then it was drizzling.. and then.. it’s pouring! freaking cool man.. we were both shivering. until we made the smart decision to run to the spooky looking fortess buliding for some decent shelter.

we ran there.. trying to shelter her from the rain. make some flobs.. as we miscal the direction and had to backtrack. walk to 1 big step. had to jump carried her down. ran to shelter..
was kind of fun! really! honest! it’s been ages since i last rememeber geeking around in the rain. now there’s some1 to share the fun!

the fortess shelter was really errie n spooky~ my new found friend was like saying she was scared. honest speaking, it is haunted. i can feel it. i’m like the super duper sentatice type to such sightings.. hoeever. all i could do was to comfort here i was harm will come to her. in reality, it was spooking me some hero.

chat more.. went back to gatherin point. found our bags from xinyan and gang. chat a bit. part back to our family grp.

it was kindof sianz back in the hosue grp. cos of the rain. all actitives stop.. some briefing.. n we were off! lol! my new freidn went for beach volleyball.. since no1 in my hosue was going. i left too.. although i really wan to go for beachvolleyball..sighs..

now i hope 0weel comes really soon! then i can see every1 again!

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –