wow! it’s another disaster in he morning! really, the alarm function of samsung stinks big time. after setting it to ring again at 0945 after i got up at 0930. it fail to ring.. but chose to ring at 2145. what the hell?

so guess wat? i was almost late again. well.. almost..! as usual, antz deary early as usual. me following up a close second. des next. wc then.. n ususl kings of sheer lateness, ls n ys!

swimming was fun! being ages since i did laps.. wait a min? i nv did lags b4. strangely, a couple of encouragements from des make me overcome yrs of hydrophoebia n starting moving(crawling )s lowly to the other end of the safra pool..!!! wow! cheers mAN! i love des the man!

and damm.. i forgotmy towel again.. since i long forgot safra stop the policy of issuing towels since last april.. my bad my bad! had to dress up wet again.. funny.. how come i keep getting wet after joining arts camp? lol

watched movie fan4! it’s like so THE. if i’m a fan of the show.. i wil prob curse n swear as i did when i watch harry potter movie 3. bt as a nomral viewer. i think’s it’s kindof cool! average plot with leaky holes. yet quite nice at pts! i think being human torch is cool! but iceman’s cooler!

shop for pens for!

gtg liao..meeting og mates for rag tml… taz peeps!

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –