ehdo? is funan better then sim lim? hmm..maybe. went some notebook scouting while we were all waiting for movies in e afternoon. best denki has some decent 1s. as usaual. fujistu’s a BOMB! saw the 12.1 inch acer com. cool!

determinted to get either tt or fujistsu notebook at reduce rates in sch.

saw ibook. was remind of a new friend i made who’s idea is to get a ibook. ibook’s kindof cool! and best denki offering mas os x 10.5 as a plaform.. but izzit mac tiger at os 10.4? hmmm.. now i wonder.. took the shoots of ibook.. cooLZz… take a snap of the stats n price..

some1 mention tt funan another place to go.. well.. many many say so? maybe i go there after rag tml? hmmm…

a penny for ur thoughts any1?

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –