wow! i fix my specs.. n aquire a new pair..

but damm it.. it costs like 260 bucks.. 110 for cool yellow silver specs.. 150 got lens.. god..

early wake up alarm woke me up like 7am in e morning… and i went back to ZZzz.. it wasn’t until around 9am , tt an wake up sms from a friend prompt me to jump out bed. and head down to posb bank as promised to settle e giro form for nus! wow! i appreihiate tt friend!

national lib’s cool! shall not elaborated. since i prob try to pesuade my nus friends to go oagain. it’s like sosos cool! hahhha!

went wc bday at downtown east. makan. game chi chess.. lost. so long since i play~ quite fun to do tt! chat. crap. waited for latecomers like dearest ls n kt. they’re 4ever late.. damm it.

tired… but i rememeber there’s a cute waitress outside e booth of downtown east. haha!

i can’t wait for sch to start.. get my tm3000 lappy. start oweek. c my friends.. i hope it rains. hot

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –