woke up and went immediately back to zzz land. it’s odd. cos whenever i have important events to go. ppl will ring me up. haha! this time, it’s to ask for slipper size. hmm.. guess my house identify will be slippers… how uncool for guys to wear red or pink slippers.. imagine me and pink going to sentosa. how terrible odd! ODD!

i’m forever starting the day with some flob. this time.. i caught the wrong bus and found myself ending at PGP. and i happen to see wenhui there, off to rag! i consider myself lucky to meet her there by chance. if not for her, i’ll prob be lost! haha!

matix fair was ZzzzzzzzZ. we had to q up to enter the hall. meet up with several og mates by chance. saw wj there. saw saif there, and got his contact. it’s a small world after all. even saw bearnie. lol.

got my matrix card. it’s look weird. well.. since i got a sleepy look.. with my hair all pointing upwards… lol! but the others dun fare so well in their pics on the matrix card. some have enlongated face.. some seems to have their face bash up in the pic. it was hilarous! saw some nric pics from my friends. every1 look quite recongizeable from e pic. i look diff. haha! maybe it’s tme t change it b4 i turn 30. 30 still like 10 years away.

lots of stuff to take in matrix fair.. wrong day to hurt my wrist. and the day end up having me carrying everything on the left side of my body! got the lappy that i think was quite allright.

it was acer in the end..not the 12.1 inch.cos it suck in graphic.. not fuji, cos of their lousy wireless connection issues. not ibm. so it’s acer with graphics card upgrade for me. 2.3k.

i was quite excited when i saw the leaflets on the lappies. cos every com has their stats improve! yeah.. focus on apple stuff.. was so CooL. thought immediately of sarah who wans to own an ibook! sms her. sms back. interesting gal.

interesting. i stress.

decided 2 leave e place. untili i was halt by the staff at the fair. apparently, the cca booths r upstairs. hustle into the crowd. watch a lame movie flick. well.. it’s has no orginally.. lol

bought matrix fair bag. went in n got arts bag for free later. 2 heavy duty bags..not to mention the smallerbag at lvl 1.. . it’s was like a tug of war inside. every1 was like : do u wan to join XYS? ABC? QOW?. didn’t really bother with it..

wushu. chi drama. chi cult club. chess. rovers. harmonia interst more.. i sign up. the issue is.. all the damm cca falls on FRIDAY!! i really wan wushu….chess… rovers…even drama!!! sighs..

guess i’ll c wat i’ll go . depending on my timetable once bidding starts!

got home.. smsing. haha!

1st time i got home. it’s chi drama time…! was watching a particular sad sad epsiode.
end up weeping for the entire 45 min. seriously, guys are made of water too!
it’s hard to desrible wat happen in the show. XiaoYuEr’s love, MuRongXian aka XiaoXianNu die in an unfashionally way. but it lead me to think a lot.. alot of memories came flowing in. weep again. finally, i nv even shed a tear when some1 else left.

have i soften? maybe i think too much. has being in a company of gals soften me? maybe i should be alone for a while. alternatively, i shall go alone tml for the vice-deans’s talk.

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –