well.. i am tired.. but i thought i should share this thingy.

I’ve got 5 letters for you. It starts with a B, ends with a H and the middle starts with a T. I See(C) B-I-T-C-H

(B)e A Star D Bastard

learn the latter from faith.. invent it when i have dinner with faith.

actually, i feel like a blogging a lot today.. since 1st day of offical mugging sch for me was kindof exciting! marked by being remembered by many friends who caught me in sch. we exchange nos again! so happy! it’s such a blessing to be remembered! (now i sound like i am dead or something).

the lectures were interestin.. esp the 1str lect by Dr Millie.. and of couse the “interesting” n interesting lectures in SEA.

crashed e lit. the topic was so cool. wat was being mention totally rocks.. but there’s a catch.. the lecturer speaks MONO-TONE. YUCKS! a gd sub is ruin by a knowlegde yet mono tone lecturer.. such ppl just have this x factor tt stops me from focusing..

saw some1 i really to look at in soci. nice. nice. sad. sad. sad. [long story]

went back.. gossip on msn. chat a bit with new friends.. i am beginning to love my og. hehe.. 10x to some1 who listen. 10x! oh ya.. u r beautiful Ks?

ZZZzzzzzz… user regrets he can’t blog more cos he has to wake in 4 htrs time to sch..haha

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –