I usually do blogging when i have something very interesting to share about.. or something i really to whine abt. [read the lines.. daily bloggers who blogs like this: i woke at 7am. brush my teeth. ate breakfast. went to school/work by bus no XXX are boring]

MUSIC: Princess Mononoke – Legend Of Ashitaka Theme

bandmusic rock! reminds me of KS. hiaZ…

been an exciting 2 days spend fruitfully[u decide]. it end up making me drain that i didn’t really manage to blog abt it.. and welll.. i’ve pretty much 4got most of it.. expect that it was fun.

shopping with my friends was interesting. hmm.. i mention shopping? YES. it’s has a long story attached to it. but we did went shopping. heard a great deal on shopping as an investment from 1 very interesting friend. she has like 50 bags? and got her 51th bag the day we went. bagaholic? hmmm. and there’s even a catch on how to get the bags.. which bag last longer, which type of bag holds more weight.. etc. learn a lot from them.. but then.. if only guys’s bags r hell lot cheaper..

went archery yesterday. it’s was an experience, marked by some internal bleeding.. yeah.. the bow string brushed against my arm… and it’s now forming a bruise.. anyway.. it’s a totally cool thing. fun.. rocks.. fabulous! it’s totally on a different scale as compared to m16 o sar21 shooting in e army.. did i mention i was marksman in both events? yeah..but i was quite a :bobo: shooter in archery. kathy was cool.. bull eye’s gal.. bella had the great archer look in her.. chris was.. well.. boring.. [hmm..who looks at guys shooting? haah] faith look like she was fetching more then shooting.. AHhhh i have such cool friends.

it’s a pity some of my other friends miss the archery thingy. every1 was sick. hiaz..

hmmm… no wonder a friend i just got to know better was saying i describle in interesting ways. *says hi to si yu!

another friend had to do tutiion even when she was sick… sighs…

went rovers after tt after a sms reminder from a friend. rovers was cooll.. they have so many out of sg events that mainly involve trekking. my friend signed up… she’s running commitee… well.. maybe..

sad thing abt it was tt i prob will not join rovers..the trekking will kill my legs.. small thanks to a lame organistaion call SAF!

meet with 2 lamers on e way back home.. 1 was some guy who thinks he’s most yandao.. i think he’s the R_U_D_E_N_E_S_S ass around. he’s also gay or something… tt moron was banging every1 in the train. happily leaning on my hand when there was obviously plenty of room around.. and gives e the smile. creeps…

another worse off… he was fighting for seats with an old lady.. wtf?

so finally .. is it archery tt has bad training dates? or will it be chi chess.. pengZ.. or even cca-less?
haha.. time to go out loh!

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –