Music: Elfen Lied OST – Lillium

Here I am blogging using ms word with the blogger add on. It�s weird how technology advancement has aid us. Linking us everywhere, everytime, everwhen. Never that crap.

Am feeling a bit �the� now. I am still confused about something in life. Just why is Murphy�s law always taking place? Whenever I make an effort to make something happen, it never does so. Yet when I am just bored and can�t be bother to do anything, a miracle just happens to me. Why?

It�s a pity how I can�t give an example to illustrate the situation. But, it�s will just reveal too much of me. I still do need my clothes on people.

If anyone knows the song I am hearing now, Lillium. That�s how I feel at this current time. Lost.