hmmm… it’s been eons since i’ve got motivated to blog here. there’s just loads of things to do. of course there’s a lot really interesting events going in my world. so much it seem not real. but none of them really sparkle me so much i got determine to blog. cos it’s thursday today. my favourite day in these semester in nus.

to start it off, thurs a free day. i can simply pig all day until it’s sometime where the noon suns shine on me. in addition, it’s archery day. and good company counts a lot. even when i got a shitty mood. i never fail to smile when i heard abt the hilarous conversations going on during archery and the actions. even the archery people make me feel gd. not to mention the overdose of chocolates:P *smiles n drools on choc* and to think the incident on how i nearly lost my wallet didn’t even make me wanna blog! archery days rocks.

things been going on smoothly so far. that is, if ya dun include the tutorials, shitty PMS days i have and the upcoming datelines, and of course, the OVERWHELMING bdates going on. not to forgot to alvin who keeps insisting i should go run instead of doing other sports…


good company: gonna know a new grp friends via my ssa2203 tutorial. 3 guys n 3 gals from diff backgrd, diff fac. mix them together, and u’ve got everything u need to have fun. there 1. everbz guy,E 2. silent crapshit “jayzhou, W 3 n 4. the gluey duo of craps, A & J 5. 1.73m tkd gal who’s really cooL.(roCKS), Jy 6. boring me, R. See? we have got a mixture of talents!! “ewajJyR” never really thought we could bond so well in the class. esp when our tutor really suck to core. he’s boring. old school. and a really boring old school guy. haha!
session to ntu was bonding… including the tkd-watching session. and then, all of a sudden, “BONDING” seem to my trademark in e grp. not to mention a new nickname. and then my list of nickname increases: 1. rpg 2.devilcatz 3. bin. 4. lobby. 5. bobby(bobbie) 6. moon 7. monkey 8. catz 9. Ed-bie. 10. Rob-mund. sighs….


good company: of coure, a trip to ASIA Civillisation museum turn out to be rewarding too! me n faith discover the special room in gallery 4a and were bewildered by the traditional and ancient java gamelan (tt’s java musical intrusments). we saw our european baby talker prof there teaching it. it’s was so nice. and we just laze there n listen as we wait for siyu-ger, iris, and alex. and trought the trip, me n faith happen to meet adeline and her friend (was it rebecca? can’t rememeber.. whocares!) they were there at the first floor for centuries!!! til we reliease they didn’t knwo there were other galleries!!!! lol! her friend chat a bit with me abt the stuff in museum. but well.. i dun think i know here anyway.. was funny when she approach me.. lol.. but then… haha. can’t be bothered.

went to sg’s durian with iris. siyu-ger. alex. the esplanade sure’s a grand place to watch at night. esp the night scene. gorgerous! and as i stared deep into the view, i got lose in thoughts and though of shitty silly things… it’s was great sharing time n the view with my friends!


honeset ppl i know: and of course there’s the story abt me on how i ALMOST LOST my wallet! drop it during soci class… and until i reliease it.. it’s was already ssa2203 class.. as a result. i was damm piss and put on an irrating mask of annoyance for everything… constanting showing my shitty face. not that i was cursing, i was just look annoyed.. until even judy mentioned she got slightly frightned to talk to me. guess i am scarY. (moral of the story: dun piss me 🙂 )
it was a god’s blessing that liting n quenquen found it. i was so happy i thought i was on estasy and starting rattling too them. :P. and i proceed to hustle weiming, judy to accom me to get my wallet.. so happy i treat liting n quen for lunch. 😛 such nice ppl! [moral of story: it’s a blessing to know great ppl]


SHIT OF THE WEEK: now.. to settle the issue abt me not liking the “RUN” or “RUNNING”. because, god damm it. I can’t run for freaking nuts… i am LAME. every freaking step hurts.. tt includes walking:
–> 10x to SAF . screw U.
—> and of course my favoutite sports in sch days wushu..sighs….pia too hard and hurt e right knee nerve.

so to the 1 hu insists i should run then take other sports and all ur crap logic. BUZZ off and BACK OFF! 🙂 JERKball. anything but running!!
okay.. time for some chocs to make me happy. happy happy happy

p-s: ppl alwasy remember the 1st n last pt. so.. remeber i hate running:P n choc is the IN thing noW! of course, that includes gd company n archery.!

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –