hmm….. *scratches his chin. it’s due time i start mugging and doing my projects. haven really start anything all.. besides browsing the web and reading some articles online based on my projects. it’s weird. i dun feel worried at all. izzit because of choc intake? hope not. better do more crunches n pushups tml morning.. LOL

anyway, i was rewatching the vampire 3 hk drama on tv until dad switch to chan U and watch some crappy lame TW varity show that focus on the ideas of getting some1 attached. there’s a lot of idealogies that went on. it’s was funny. we had a gd laugh.

been an evently weekend, marked distinct by rabbit’s bday (extremely EARLY) celebration and his personal thoughts that have been weighing my heart. it’s gd to find some1 to tok too.. but’s that’s another story for anther day. just tt my issues seem to make me extremely eager to help rabbit tie his knot down.

it was funny, as i was very eagerly observing rabbit and some1 whom i find an ideal match for him(of course). and as i painstakely coerion rabbit to ask her out. 🙂 well… rabbit.. u better BE straight. and b the 1st of out mini clinque to get associated:P

i couldn’t really wonder y i did that? have my long time associaton with the many friends in nus indocnitrated me to this lvl of bimboness? am i changing? but then, i’m straight:P tt’s definated. hehe! i’m still as cheeky as ever~ maybe worsE!

but then, on another hand, i just that there are major drastic changes in the lives of my ancient friends and the new friends i have made. the thing is, most of them are shitty or bad to them. i just can’t help but then….. is being in varsity that big of a deal that it causse a trumoil?

hmm… i’m tired. let’s just wait n c…

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –