it’s 2am~ just reliease my bio-clock severly damage from all the late nights doing work, mugging and of course.. all the time spending online doing non sensible things. just idling, listening to weird weird songs, and just thinking of irrational issues.

oops.. i should labelled it as irrational “troubles” and not use the term “issues”. thats becauses troubles refer to personal shit…. and issues refer to shit every1 faces… so.. i have lots of troubles… now.. will any1 care to make this an issue?

pawning noobs online just an’t making it any better.. yeah.. dota on wc3,tft. i’m the best newbie killer around. (so sue me)

and then i reliease i was deluding myself: so hey… wake UP! get a life.. be a NERD!
yeah~ man, thats’ the way… the NERDY way. just do it~!

the webmaster is in a state of confusion, and simply feels happy blogging crapshit online. Please don’t even bother to ask him about it!

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –