okay… at this period, i really shouldn’t be even online….but then.. F! F! F! here i am… i’ve just done some blog – hopping and read an entry from a friend. she’s using DARN! darn darn in her entire blog entry, anyway it’s really a funny entry. so i’m guess i will follow suit in the cursing, hence i’m using F! haha!

this really reflects the state of our minds just before our mid sem exams. there’s too much to read, and too little time… in other way words, our social life just seem to take too much of out time to mug. and whenever the time is free for our to mug. it’s ZZZzz … then somthing else comes a long and killed out time. So.. any1 who falls into the too little time circle.. screw U.

soci test’s on this coming wed. this clown has justed relieased he’s not having any clue wat the hell it’s all abt. not to mention the load of projects tt r DUE soon. simply stinks. only till when blurblur gal told him tt geo project is due in 3 weeks time did reality dawn n crash on him. TIME!

and then, the whole weekend was wasted on social activites…. going this bday… tt bday… F! life stinks loh! at least, sat was fruitfully spent(a pity it’s not on mugging or stardeeing). wasted the 1st half of sat on geo field trip.. learn a bit on fengshui there… got some gd food recommended by blur. went kino and finally got the bk 4 of this tw book! so happy! and some quality research on CNM: Blogging! and then it’s a mad rush to west coast to cele my neices bday! yeah! and a race to bugis to catch up with the guys!

finally the mad idiot kt is leaving. friends for 12 years, and i can finally stop seeing tt “gigglo kt” for 4 yrs~ is it ablessing in disguise? hmmmm.. gonna miss him!

we KTV till 4am man… wat the hell.. by the time ls was already half dead. it’s a surprise we can all survive so long, living on the 4-5 hr sleep per day. guess it’s really gathering for kt tt matters… since every1 rush to meet kt even when we have a bz schelude.. at least tt moron appriehated tt`

and then sunday was wasted on ZZZZZZzzz n min work mugging for soci… hellish!

monday was no better i guess… a free day, and i took 1.5 hr to get to sch for a 45 min project discussion..not productive at all.. lol.. as all 1st 2 meetings are. at least we got eat cray fish hor fun at chinatown.. i wonder how come blur blur ger find all the makan lobang!

sianz.. time to mug.. or GAME..

MUG, i hate u!

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –