it’s 0319 hrs and i thought i could finally move on the sad month of september and carry on with life. and of course, to blog abt the evently thurs marked by archery. the joy and itch for holding the bow, and actually hitting the targets. including, the learning i got from friends. well, i learn something abt cell grp from bella and more interesting stuff from every1.

but that’s not the point tonight. besides using this entry to end the month of september to end the yearly mourning in september. it’s to clear a misunderstanding with a friend.

maybe, it’s communication problem. my bad. but then, here my understanding.
we were supposed to meet some1 and do an interview of her friend’s band group for 1 of the projects. but damm, since i have archery from 4-6pm, the time was set at 6.

at 6:15, near SRC and YIH, the phone rang. some conversation was attempted. ran to busstop and board the 1st bus i saw. since i figure tt all bus theres goes to fass..well..some1 told me that before. until i reliease that it was all wrong. i end up on bus C tt goes to kent vale. just where is kents vale?

sms my friend tt bad news.. and board another bus B to fass. got a msg back when i reach the forum. she’s going to a committee event. okay. case closed. ran back to YIH pale faced on foot for my 1st staple food meal for 2 days. meet up with the archery mates and ate a bun.

at first i thought she wasn’t mad. no idea no clue. but she is. i’m sorry.

but then again, i didn’t lie or cook up any excuses for trying to be late. in fact, i have nevereD lie. it’s just times when ppl dun believe me. well..there’s another case.

2ndly, i end at 6. it’s rational. but then again, maybe not.

but then again, at least i know she’s mad.

sometimes, guys dun have a clue when gals are offended are bad. at least my friend told me tt.
10x and sorry for the misunstanding. let’s hope seeing everyone in schooll won’t be akward. cos i’m not gonna explain again.

let this stay in september – mourning end.

– to Ks, the mourning in septemebers i’ve kept for you have ended this yr.
~cos oct’s mine, just as sept will always be delicated to you.
~angels bless u.

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –