hmmm, i actually got a happy children day message at around 0100 hrs.. it’s so surprising. guess this particular friend is one of a kind who would remember this day. cheeros to you kathy! right brainers rocks big time!

okay, the 2nd time to celebrate. the misunderstanding has been cleared. today’s session was kindof interesting. marked by a sweet turn of events linking to the number 3. i saw cheerful judy 3 times.. and i say KC 3 times too! cheerful ppl brightened my day! now you guys out there why i’m alwasy hanging around cheerful ppl who always puts on a big wide smile! happyness is contagiously!!

there was some progress in geo. Sea. this means everything is going on smoothly. just some more fine tuning and it will turn out fine… the only worrying facter is my tupid SSA2203! cos i won’t get to c my tutor for 4 freaking weeks… and this kindof suck.. this meant i prob won’t bother to consult him. up till now, i still think he is a big old sch, despite his lecture great depression’s cool n enlightning. guess his 1st impression still stays rock hard in my mind.. dun you agree my ssa2203 mates?

3rdly, i’m on wireless access at home! watching jacky chan’ s movie on TV! Yi Ge Hao Ren!!! yeah. the setback the lag when i’m gaming. otherwise, chatting. doing work is smooth! and of course, i learn more geek stuff on wirelessnetwork!!!

now… will tml be more cheerful? yeah~

i alway love OCT! a beautiful month after a graveful month~ it’s like spring after winter.
but then again, i have alwasy love the winter, all the snow. soft and chiLLzz.

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –