playing: XING GUANG – S.H.E
the day has pass. it was a good day. really good. so far in life, things have turn out fine. when i expected something, it never comes. when i just dun care anymore, life takes a big turn and gives a somewhat happy story.

finally called up athena, my army days gan meimei~ hehe~ cos i didn’t pick up calls these 2 days..since i was sick with fever and couldn’t bother to call her back or sms her. turn out she remembered too~ xie xie NI! 10x to kimmy boy too!

went go for project meeting today with mates. things turn out rather smoothly. when every1 left, i got e chance to have a gd talk with guoann~ delightful chat with him. it’s funny what we talk about. just maybe, we are one of a kind. maybe not. haha
and then we saw cliff, and chat a bit. that poor chap has to juggle his never commitments of vball and his stardees…not to mention his fieldtrips, overload of projects and essay including his social relationships with whoever whoever. haha —> believe me.. i hear stuff~
saw Jon~ he’s e best! 10x dude again, for today and for hearing me out when i was down long time ago.

went retail therapy with mel n faith later at 5. crap more stuff~ heard funny stories of the day~ i was actually quite happy to hang around with them. walkwalkwalk.. see bags… and we saw this absolutely ROCKS crumpler bag..which is YELLOW orange in COLOR and which cost 149 DOLLARS? mel was saying this bag’s like made of parachute material..and lasts… it’s so nice..sososososososo nice…. haiZ…if only i dun change my stuff as often as i change clothes.. i would have bought it and pampered myelf today~ haha~ went on the day to see e adidas bag 55 bucks i was eyeing since last month. with the thoughts of crumpler bag on my mind… i was sianZ. but then..the adidas did look good.. they have gd taste sia..those 2 mates~

walk and walk and walk, and then, we saw Kathy~ she dash as soon as we saw and i was puzzled when she gave a lame excuse to dash away.. haha.. was in fact going to ask her to join in e retail therapy thingy~

walked on…. i was actually been a FOLLOWER the whole day… haha~ and was blindly lead to mashaE~ and saw them there..a surprise!!!!

stun, shocked and pure blessed joy~kathy n christopher!!!! so happy i treated every1 to eat~lol~ 10x 10x to all of ya who made the effort! emotional rewards~!

movie was great. turn out tt were ppl who appreiahte the show~ corpse bridE! yeah~ danny elfman piano is nice~

i will alwasy remember today and all of you~

overall evaluation: tired by happy!
speech for today: a dream came half true~ 10x to every1~

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –