wa… quite interesting to me today~ hmm~delightful if i dun really think of anything beyond dreams.. i pretty accepted this reality~ but then, it’s still stinks to think of it i think~.. hmm… thoses who understands this… hahah~ those who dun understand this… ponder on it!

facts i observed these days: terriority rights exist in this world! those are those who are 4ever crossing borders..

take for example.. a dog pees at an area to etablish the link to other dogs tt this place is his terrority. a cat scratches an area to mark her region.
similarly. human do the same thing. just observe around.

i hate it when people oversteps the limits and borders… extending ur hand over another’s realm dun really make one like you more. unless ya’re welcome into the cirlcle. putting a nice front and happily crawling through suck. be contented with ur madala chap~ and extend ur claws to ur vitims..not my friends. jerks

hmm.. another friend of mine msg me todayz~~ was cool~ cos i’ didnt really get to tok to her in real life. not much anyway~maybe i just dun know wat to say to her abt. but tt’s not e pt tonight.. she’s a really nice gal.. but’s it’s obvious that she has some problems of her own~
Cheer Up friend~ not every1’s shit..
some ppl are shit on e outside, but they taste like chocolates on e outside –> me? and our mates~
some ppl look like chocolates on e outside but taste like shit –> hate those`

cheers ger!
got really sianz all of sudden today… and i went crazy. cut my hair SHORT..and dye it copper~
here’s a provoking thought… i msg some ppl i belive i link better with . particular 1’s who dyes their hair…however, the ans i receive’s back’s unversal..ask stylist… diaoZ
if ppl with lovely color hair dun know.. i wonder who else could help?
in e end.. i chose copper..

a friend asked me a Qs in discussion room today: who do i like in our og. diaoZ. like i would say it out…cos every1’s was there in the room well..almost…cos some went out for a short while~… i almost fainted when faith aka yangrong said tt> and was strongly supported by cliff.. haahah~

just imagine if i ans truthfully. it’s the break of friendship~ and start of extreme awkardness…
i should just be contented with dreaming and mugging!

and of course, 10x to those few who know’s what’s going on in my skull..

in conclusion: i look like shit, but i taste like chocolate / honey~ [but, who will know tt? only JJ n ivan i guess…]

p/s: to this funny person i know from ssa2203: see triangles! hhe!

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –