bad start in the day.. it was raining… if only i’ve just carried on sleeping!!! then life won’t be tt terrible~

terrible~…. terrible~…. terrible~….

sianZ in the morning, sianZ in the afternoon, sianZ in the evening.

heard a theory abt gentleman during from soci lect. lol~ gentleman never existed in this world. they are only nice people. there are NO gentlemens…cos all gentlemen’s are either sheep in wolf clothings…or they are hypocrites…. and i hate them BOTH.

heard something else. either some ppl are stubborn, or some simply have ZERO EQ. tt’s all i can really comment.

Worse off at night…Worse off at later night… Worse off now…

so now, i conclude. i dun like ppl with low EQ, i dun like hypocrites, and i dun like gentlemens.
hands off my friends jerkballs

tml will be a better day… tml BETTER be a better day… oR elSE!

some ppl are morons…

now, let’s eat some chocolates… and shoot some gentlemens

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –