just when u think you start to understand the new chemical formula; element; properties a little. They start a violent reaction. BOOM they go, and explore.

argh~>>. such a complex species.. maybe i should start hangin out with the psy girls.. then, maybe they can enlightened me. it’s prob got to be how the brains of men and women are constructed.

it’s obvious that this is true. similar events tt will occcur on 2 specis will yield diff results.
guys accept it as goodwill~ cool abt it.
females think otherwise and make them complex. and fume..

i dun understand u my friend… sighs…

feeling quite gd.~ it seems tt geo project is in it’s final stages~ so 1 down.. 3 more to do!

working on some nm1101e now for this thurs meetup~
praying i can start on my ssa soon…
praying i can finally make up my mind to settle on qs for my SEA essay. and establishing a decent thesis to consult my tutor~

oh ya… Oi.. fuji fujiE hope u survive ur army days man~ ya’re my cchsm guy who share similar thinking as me.. dun let tupid army training lose urself~

afterthought: y do all cchsm guys i know face similar shit and are somewhat unhappy? siaoZness
hopes tt every1 is happy~ yeah.. every1 but mE~
look forward to archery games on thurs.. thurs is afterall. destress days~

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –