justed watch suzuka – 14 anime. sianz…
i feel like like asahina suzuka … giving blessings.. what an irony man. if u guys never watched the anime… u won't understand a crap anyway..

finally, i learn how to to a dubbing session~ dubbing – additin subtitles to raw anime or raw avi data files. in layman terms, it simply means inserting readable subtitles into the shows, so tt ppl who dun understand the language can watch the show!

so happy~ successfully dub the DVD rip of final fantasy advent children liao~ still remeber the1 st time i watched it for graphics at home. 2nd time at ys 21's bday. 3rd in archery when i caught some glimpse on bella's notebook. tt was memorablE~

4th time was today~ yeah~~~~~~ cheeros….

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –