and then i got really bored with life and did a follow up idea with a friend~ and a sick idea it was~ imagine breakfast on a wed morning when i have to normally wake up at 0545 to reach school barely on time. oh ya. just for those who have no idea where i live, i happen to reside at BEDOK, and nus is at CELMENTI. and so, this bored guy woke up at 0500 hrs today.

did a litle blog hopping as i was waiting my mates to come. discover tt there’s some1 i know who’s gd in sketching at too~ diaoZ. and i thought tt was my trademark in the jc art days. black and white and messy art was my cup of tea~ haha~ now this is interesting~

i think i will join the this season~ i must brush up on my CHEENA-NESS! haha! maybe, just for once i will conherate my thoughts into a simple simple song. Who knows, this song might get back and i this finally 21 yr will get world wide recongition~ wahaha~

mabe this will be my theme.
a small little girl, surrounded by chaos and killings raving on.
she hides a small dark cave with no even candlelights for company.
all shes has is enternity dread and blood.
how she yields for company from the living, but all losts forever. …. … …

this is crazy right? actually i happen to get this idea when i was tossing around in bed last night~
some1 i know just remember of something.

this person look strong on the outside despite the fragile appearance.
but, she is really fragile on the inside.
just how many really knows what’s going on in her little world
and yet, she wears this mask that protrays hers as “happy” as she surrounds herse lfs with friends.
but, is she happy?
In that crazy world of hers, she desires happiness that will come true.
not by falsehood, not by deception, not by pity
will such a day ever come?

ever know some1 like tt? maybe we know the same people sia…..
sad sad life

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –