Empathy is the ability to ‘read’ people, be in-tune with or resonate with others, voluntarily or involuntarily, aware or unaware of one’s empath capacity. The ability to scan another’s pysche, for thoughts and feelings, for life occurrences past, present and future. Many empaths are unaware of how this actually works, and have long just accepted they were ‘sensitive’ to others.

Empaths are highly ‘sensitive’, and this is the term commonly used in describing one’s abilities (sensitivity) to other’s emotions and feelings, have a deep sense of ‘knowing’ that accompany empathy, are often compassionate, considerate and understanding to others. Everyone has this natural ability, though many never utilise this.

That’s what I am. I am an empathy. I just reliease that when I was dozing off in the libraray with the gang. That’s y, for now, I totally feel like deleting the wilfully entry I had made today. There’s post number of the day if you happen to notice.

Sometimes this ablity surfaces when i least expected it. No wonder I was feeling so irritated all of a sudden in school. I heated up and was fuming like no other’s business. It’s a wonder I did’t start flaming my friends on. But then, I’m really glad I not flame any1.

So why did I finally reliease that i’m an empath and not just assuming I had the male form of PMS? Cos my mood was swinging from one point to another. And this feeling is scary.

Morning, I was feeling as excited as every1 else. SEA lecture, I was feeling extreme irritation when “copyright” gal came over. Apparantly, faith’s feel the same feelings. Session, went to the lib~ happen to bump into the lively duo~ one called out and greeted~ one was lost and in a blank.

Extreme pleasure followed by extreme saddness. Sometime was definately wrong. 1 of them was feeling gd. 1 was obviously having a sour mood.

And then, I end up feeling quite sour at the end of the day. Sour till I got home. Empathy in play.

Watched Jaslyn on the Jean Yip slimming TV show. Felt extremely happy a long lost friend finally made her day~ happy~

DAMM…. i think i am an empath. Hope this ablity faints away soon….. and prays that it lies in peace and silents for a while. Feeling the pain of others sucK.

am i am empath? or am i just thinking too much today? lack of sleep? maybe not..
guess i am an empath after all

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –