it’s a weird day. archery was only somewhat fun~ yeah… somewhat. with 3 members down, the mafia grp got bored. true, we did shot more, even improve a bit… but with 3. life was simply dwelling on a thin thread.

heard some stuff from a friend~ led me thinking to this —-> no wonder i often see him around~ haha~ it’s a pity i can’t elaborate on this. haha

it’s funny~ we can all go haywire and crazy when we dun harbour thoughts… once the evil thoughts start coming.. out thinking changes.. we feel different, and act differently. sighs.. such are the complex world of men. no wonder mortals are called “FAN REN” = problematic people.

i got a bit crazy today~ asked ppl to watch movie~ was actually eyeing the show “European Gigolo”. mel suggested “The 40 Yr old Virgin”. hahah~ and it led me to think.. poor me still at stage at the edge of 40. sobs.sobs

asked may to watched.. diaoZ.. she ends at 2030… then i decides to jio faith along.. she’s bz~ haah~ so sianz.. no 1 wan to watch~ and then we changed it to next thurs…

maybe this time, every1 will come.. and every1 will watch.. just maybe i hope..

zi gu ren sheng sui wu you
wei wo wei chi ren sheng fan you fan
zi ying zi sheng can sheng le xin mo

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –