funny topic i guess. simple rationale for this weird topic heading. cos right at the moment i enter blogger, some1 msn me. None other then the infamous wong kai ting, aka kuang apai wong (or apai in short), aka wongey, aka KT. haha~ funny nicks i have for my conhert of weird friends~

and i thought he’s(yah.. it’s a HE… [do take note of the word “it”] finally awoken to his senses to msg me on his new life in cambrigde, the F-er has to ask me to send him dota newest map. yeah, the word is correct to be used on him, F-er i meant. For the 13 years i know him, half the time i heard him display his command of the word F until i’m quite profound and well verse in tt culture too~ haha~

and so, i delicated the top segment of this blog entry to him. wait. did i remember to explain y he’s 1st nick was apai wong? hehe~ simple. there’s this history lesson we had in sch in the gd cchsm days on thailand. apparently, kuang apaiwong was this loser thailand policatial figure guy who was kick out of power as many as 3 times and back in power again. we label this fighter on KT loh.

haha~ yeah. did i mention i hate TPJC? yeah.. i did~ haah~
now again. TPJC suck

if i ever plan to have kids… they will go CCHSM and then to SAJC then to NUS arts~ but’s tt’s another story~ to give justice to my jc days. the friends i had were nice n fun`~ i just hate sch life there. tt’s all~ haah

hmm.. going overboard liao.. wonder’s if TPJC will sue me. well… u can’t. cos i never SAY tt tpjc is a BAD SCH. i never SAY some tpjc teacers SUCK. well.. i just dun like the sch.

i’m bored. tt’s y~ but then, the main focus on tonight’s (morning actually.. it’s 0200 hrs after all)
not on KT or my anti_TPJCism. i just got some thoughts. that’s all~

i got this cool friend (actually friends) who did an analysis on me, after reading my blog. 10x dear friend. and of course to the rest of u out there. she says this~ i’m different from who i am in real life as her friend and friends and a totally diff entity online. got another mate, rabbit who says that i’m an angry man online` haha~

well.. all true~ i have split personalites ~ tt’s all~
but then, the main focus not on me being mentally insane. it’s just tt there are people out there after all that cared. ppl who really bothered to break down the defensive barriers to know us.

i quote from another friend on her blog. it’s something like this:

“The wall was built with cheerfulness, with optimism, with laughter and with jokes.
And it was built on silence never to be told.”

it’s true. and that’s that. and i see a friend who shares the same pain.

had this thought going on in my head since the last entry~
first statement : we can love/like someone for no reason. it’s comes and goes –> i guess it’s somewhat true
my second statement: we can hate/dislike someone for no reason. it’s just de javu (did i spell correctly?) —> i finally think it is true!

i remember when i first really dislike and hate this some1 in the cchsm days. it began like this:
i dun like him for no reason. no reason, really. i just dun like him. okay, fine. tt’s tt. but still we got along as friends somewhat. he’s kind of the say wat he thinks type. cool guy i thought. got along better with him. within he betrayed me. dumb MF-er didn’t reliease he betrayed me. playing ignorance. i hate him till now.

and then i grow up in life. meet some1 else in my life who became an associate outside (notice how i dun use the term – friend). same issue here… i dun like this person. no reason. but then, from the previous bad experience, i refuse to have much contact with him maybe i fear i will be betrayed again. somewhat. maybe tt’s y i’m overly cautious with some ppl.

i fear befriending ppl against my instincts. i am cautious. sorrie

at least cchsm tpjc nus mates are trust worthy still… still i guess…

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –