bitching mode tune on. hegdehog overdose. killer grades. there’s are the 3 factors tt making me blog tonight despite the need to sleep and awake early later in the morning~ lol ~

did a zilion bitching events today~ lol ~ it’s was kindof funny~ be surprise, guys can bitch really well too. although, we just dun term it as “bitching”. we refer it as chatting on old times. strange, the irony that is present. here’s and idiotic phrase: Bitching daily drives sickness away! all of sudden i’m reminded of shazzy baby and our sluttness bitchyness from jc days~ lol ~

talk abit more on the ride home… and then i reliease from the smile i had when i sharing some stories.. i dun really hate the army after all~ the experience i gain from my enviroment was priceless. the ppl i face.. the ppl i know.. the pain n joy we all shared.. all contrubute to wat i am now. maybe i just hate my CO. lol

hegdehog mode~ my friend is doing an haircut tt’s really short~ cool~ so tml during class, we will be the only 2 hegdehogs! this is so COOL! can you image that? and… the surprise even better if i reveal her gender~ she’s a gal~ WOOooOOOOoo . 2 little hedgedogs sitting togeter in class with 4 other mates~ we all rocK. just in case she’s feeling big head tt my previous entries was pasteled with her name on it~ i shall not say her name out… NoPE.. JUDY.. i will not SAY u have a SHORT hairstyle, nope, JUDY, i will not SAY hedgehogs ROCK. i will not tell the world tt JUDY is my FRIEND! heehehh~

ah..killer grades.. tmls e day i will get back my sociology grade papers… the feeling suck..i am just gonna fail… althougt i dread it. i seriously hope i can pass it with a B grade… btu then.. murphey will alwasy into pplay with his strange law.. sianz…

and then.. it’s time to collect the ssa2203 project marks too~ sianeZzzz… ed was like saying..have confidence.. aahha~ but in reality. tt chap is prob more worried abt it then me~

by then.. later is a better day… at least the hedgehog will be fun~ yeaH
and i finish my silly essay.. well.. 1 of them~ cheeroS


-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –